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Counter-Coup Against Mush?

There are rumors that Gen Ashfaq Pervez Kiani, the second in command in the Pakistan Army after Musharraf has staged a counter-coup against him and Musharraf is under house arrest. Although Pakistan Govt has denied it and Gen Kiani is known to be a close confident of Mush, prospects of a counter-coup in the near future can not be dismissed altogether. If something of this sort happens, the situation would be further complicated and the result could be total chaos. Even after imposition of emergency, Musarraf doesnt seem to be in control and that, contrary to my earlier observation (Emergency Declared in Pakistan), the event has in fact increased the political uncertainty. As it is said, that situation in Pakistan is affected primarily by three factors, America, Army and Allah! And you got have two of these factors are your side to rule. E.g. Musharraf had support of America and Army, Gen Zia got Army and Allah. Even though Mullahs were against Mush (अमरीका का जो यार है... गद्दार है...गद्दार है...), he was able to hold on to power. So continuous American support would be crucial for his survival. But America seems to have learnt a bit from its past mistake and hasn't put all its eggs in Musharraf's basket this time. They have placed a balancing power, Benazir Bhutto, right there in Pakistan. But as there are conflicting signals from almost every significant player, the uncertainty continues. Whatever happen, its gonna be very interesting watching events in Pakistan in coming days!


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